Building community, strengthening lives.
I would never have gotten this far this fast without the assistance that Family Promise provided.
— Mother, found housing in March 2015

WHO do you help?

Family Promise of Sarasota helps families with minor children who have lost their housing. We can assist up to three families at a time, for up to 90 days. Families entering cannot be actively using drugs/alcohol (we drug screen), have severe mental health issues, or have felony records.

WHAT services do you provide?

We provide shelter, meals, basic needs (clothing, toiletries, personal items), case management, referrals and resources.  All adults meet with an Employment Consultant who assists in job seeking/placement and a Financial Counselor who helps with better management of finances and starting a savings. We also provide a support system including volunteers who are there for families each day.

WHERE do you provide this help? 

Family Promise partners with congregations in our community who provide facilities, volunteers and financial support to assist our families. Some congregations use their own facilities to host the families, and some use a house that we rent. Volunteers at host congregations provide meals and shelter, and support congregations provide more volunteers and/or financial support. Host congregations support our families on a rotating schedule — for a week at a time a few times a year, depending on the number of participating host congregations. Families arrive about 5:00 pm for dinner, then stay in the evening and overnight. During the day, kids go to day care or school, and parents go to work or use our Day Center as a "home base" during the day, with access to a computer with internet, phone, tv, microwave and fridge.

WHEN can someone enter the program?

Families in need call us throughout the week. Many are referred by local agencies like Salvation Army, Resurrection House and Manasota 2-1-1. We screen families over the phone, and when we have an opening, we then bring them in for an interview to go over the guidelines of the program. If it's a good fit, we then schedule their intake.

HOW do you help families get back into their own housing?

We provide our families with a safe place to be and a chance to save their money while normal living expenses are covered so that they can get back into their own housing again. Each adult, once working, must disclose all income to the Case Manager who then assists them in putting anywhere from 60% to 90% of their income into a savings account. Once enough money is saved, we assist with local financial resources for the move, and families get back into housing. We also assist with local resources for furniture and household items they need.