Sewing project brings Family Promise money 

Five Bags.JPG

Volunteers Dotty Reed and Ruth Bieber are using their art skills to raise money for Family Promise. We affectionately call them our Bag Ladies! They make beautiful evenings bags out of gentlemen's ties, along with pins and brooches. And they are selling the purses and donating the money they raise to Family Promise. Who knew you could make an entire bag out of a tie? 

Dotty and Ruth are stocking up after a major selling spree at First Congregational Church. They brought a few samples into the office recently and mentioned that they are looking to add to the Bag Lady team.  

If you like to sew...or just enjoy cutting and ripping and following a pattern, call the Family Promise office at (941) 952-1800 and we'll put you in touch with them. They are also looking for donations of materials -- jewelry pins to adorn the bags and ties, which form the foundation (like Family Promise) for something new and beautiful.

Lynn Riechmann